6 Tipps To Increase Branding Via Influencer Marketing

Philipp Schaetz

June 2, 2020

Brands have recognized that influencer marketing works for both performance and branding goals. Many brands therefore rely more heavily on influencer marketing in order to sustainably increase brand sympathy and willingness to recommend to their customers.

Björn Wenzel, founder and managing director of the influencer marketing agency Lucky Shareman, gives brands six tips for the effective use of influencer marketing:

  1. Think influencer marketing in the media planning and integrate it into the campaign
    The digital market has made the media market more fragmented than ever. Many target groups can hardly be reached through classic media. Influencer marketing is an effective way to target mobile and digital-savvy users. It should therefore be considered in the media mix and firmly integrated into campaigns.

Influencer marketing often has positive radiation effects on further online marketing measures within a campaign. This increases the number of pageviews on the campaign landing pages, or users increasingly search for the brand. Brands also use texts, images, videos and other influencer content for their own channels.

  1. Use media budgets specifically for influencer marketing
    Influencer marketing is no longer primarily used in the fashion and beauty industry. Across industries, brands are now shifting parts of their media budget into influencer marketing. The proportion of influencer marketing budgets is between five and 15 percent, depending on the industry.

Studies show: Over 60 percent of global marketers want to increase their influencer marketing budgets in the future. Goldmedia puts the market volume for influencer marketing in the DACH region at 990 million euros in 2020. In order to survive in the competition, brands should specifically involve influencers in their communication.

  1. Focus on branding instead of just reach
    Brand equity is not only made up of material, but also of immaterial values ​​such as brand sympathy and willingness to recommend customers. Influencers can increase the brand equity of a brand by acting credibly as a brand ambassador.

That is why many brands place greater emphasis on soft factors rather than just reach and sales in influencer marketing campaigns: These include interaction rates and brand popularity. Long-term partnerships and brand presentations should be accompanied by product placements and promotions by influencers.

  1. Select influencers carefully and ensure quality
    Influencers can only push a company's brand value if they match the values ​​of the brand and their followers match the brand and their content is paid into the brand. It is crucial for the success of the campaign to select the influencers in a targeted manner and to write them precisely - also to overarching campaign goals and to the core of the brand.

In addition, companies should review content regularly throughout the campaign to ensure quality. But be careful: In the context of the briefing and the brand fit, influencers need the greatest possible freedom to exploit their creative skills.

  1. Combine hero and micro influencers
    Influencer marketing is more than reach. Hero influencers have over 250,000 followers, micro-influencers up to 25,000 followers. Both categories should be combined to increase brand value. The stars primarily stand for reach and branding, while the micro-influencers can often communicate even more directly with their fans.
  2. Increase planning security through market research
    Influencer campaigns can increase branding and sales. However, in order to increase planning security, companies should support the campaigns with market research. Advertising impact indicators such as brand and advertising awareness are ideally collected through surveys of followers.

This enables brands and agencies to check and optimize the performance of their campaigns. Market research determines, for example, whether the right target groups were reached, how the campaign paid for the branding and how strongly the followers were activated by the campaign.

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