How much does a website cost? - From the first interview to completion

Philipp Schaetz

June 20, 2020

How much does a website cost?
(or: Ms. Kleinberger and her homepage)
You could also ask: "What does a vacation cost?", "What does a car cost?" - it always depends on your requirements, your goals and, of course, your budget.

Just like a car or a vacation, you can get a website for 300 euros or 30,000 euros. First of all - we strongly advise against "private purchase". The son of the neighbors, who is studying something with a computer and wants to earn some extra money, offers you a complete website for maybe 150 euros. Sounds cheap? In a year and a half no one will take care of the website anymore, the boy next door is now studying soil culture, and you are left with an outdated homepage. (If you are already in this situation: give us a call, we will help you quickly and easily).

And just like a car, you can get a good, functional website at an affordable price. Roughly speaking: from 1,500 euros you are there, there is simply not much less if - like us - you value quality. Including the certainty that everything works as it should, as well as a competent and committed contact.

Ask yourself:
What should my new website do?
What should she do - inform, sell, advise, …?
What budget can I free up for?
Ms. Kleinberger's homepage
Ms. Kleinberger started her own business six months ago with a rental for special sports equipment. She built her own homepage with the modular system of her provider, pushed the limits of the system after countless hours of work and would now like to convert the website to a search engine-optimized, user-friendly and mobile-optimized content management system. On this occasion, a connection to their Facebook page and the possibility of integrating videos should be created. And the whole thing should be easy to use.

A look at Ms. Kleinberger's homepage shows every good web designer: There is something to do here! So let’s do it. For the consultation, Ms. Kleinberger has already prepared a list of which functions your website should have, what the new menu structure should look like, and brought a few considerations about colors and design. So we can start creating the concept straight away.

How much does a homepage cost?

From the first conversation to the joy of a perfect homepage
At the consultation, we naturally also talk about the costs. Ms. Kleinberger has already received three offers, one for 500 euros, one for 1,990 euros and one for 9,400 euros. After a thorough review of the offers, it turns out:

The first offer comes from a young web designer who has just started up. Inexperience and the hunt for references should be compensated for by a cheap price.
The second uses a self-written content management system, which will quickly lead to problems if the website is expanded or the agency changes.
The third comes from an established agency in the 7th district - but that's an amount that Ms. Kleinberger cannot invest, even if she wanted to.
After clarifying the exact functions of the new homepage, we agree on the price of 2,960 euros. This is our web design fixed price package for 2,280 euros - mobile optimization (responsive design) included and of course compliant with data protection.

For this amount, Ms. Kleinberger gets a perfectly programmed website that meets all the requirements of the modern web, is easy to use and will still work as it should in three years. We work out the design together, we make changes until Ms. Kleinberger is absolutely satisfied. As a rule, this is two to three correction runs - we can listen and understand. At every step we give Ms. Kleinberger competent advice and explain what makes sense and how something works.

Ms. Kleinberger's joy in accepting the website cannot be overlooked, and of course we are also pleased.

"The homepage paid off in five months!"
Today, half a year after the completion of Ms. Kleinberger's new homepage, we can see that access to the website via the search engine and inquiries have increased by a good 300%. And Ms. Kleinberger is pleased that she has a lot of work - but not tinkering with her homepage as before, but her actual business.

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