Philipp Schaetz

June 8, 2020

With the Google Search Console you can analyze the status of your website in Google search. We explain how it works in this article.

Every owner of a website wants to find it as high as possible in search engines and arouse the interest of as many visitors as possible.

In order to make a website easy to find, you should first find out which keywords are most effective for your website. For this purpose, it is necessary to determine what visitors are interested in and which search terms are useful.

Various SEO tools are available on the market, but who can provide better data in search engine optimization than Google itself?
The Google Search Console is a free website analysis tool that is easy to use and offers useful functions for search engine optimization. When your website is signed in to Google Search Console and verified, you can start right away.


In the navigation, first click on the "Performance" tab and then on "Search queries". Here you get a precise overview of which search queries Google users have used to get to your website. You get information about how often your website was displayed and clicked during the search. It is also practical that you can select and change the period as required.
The relationship between clicks and impressions plays a particularly important role. A large number of impressions, but a few clicks mean that your website is often shown in the search results, but only rarely clicked. In this case, qualitative optimization measures on the respective side are necessary. It may be the case that the torn text that appears in the search result is not meaningful enough. In this case, it is advisable to revise the meta description, because it is often used as a torn text.
On the other hand, a very low number of impressions is often a sign that either the search volume of the corresponding search word is not sufficient or that your own website does not rank well for it. The former can be determined using the "Google Ads Keyword Planner".
Information on individual pages of your website can also be called up. Under the "Pages" tab, you can read information on the number of clicks and impressions for each individual page of your website and optimize it accordingly. This enables you to determine which pages still have room for improvement.
In the "Countries" tab you can find out the origin of the visitors. This can provide useful information for the market analysis and geographic orientation of your website. You may discover a large number of visitors from a country where you do not yet offer your services or products, although there is potential.
The "Devices" tab shows whether your visitors are using the mobile or desktop version. Outside of business and industrial areas, more and more users are on the move. Therefore, responsive design is a must for any successful website these days. This automatically adjusts the layout of a website to the screen size. Visitors get an optimal website layout, no matter what type of device they are using.

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