Philipp Schaetz

June 17, 2020

It is an art in itself to write a good title and an appealing meta description. While the title affects the ranking, this is not the case with the meta description. However, since it is often used as a text in the SERPs, it should be formulated appropriately and encourage interested parties to click on it.

If the meta description is well written, the click rate and the level of awareness of the advertised website increase. Strictly speaking, the torn description text can already be seen as the first contact to the user.

It is therefore expressly advisable to think about the design of the meta description. The first words of a meta description should outline the content of the website. Here it is important to draw attention in order to be able to assert oneself against one's colleagues.

Unicode symbols have also been used for some time. Many of them appear colorful in the search results and catch the eye.

The numerous symbols include numbers, geometric shapes, ticks, stars, arrows, special characters and, not to forget, emoticons, as have been known from forums, chats or social networks for decades. Of course, you should not overdo it with the Unicode symbols and make sure that a selected symbol also fits the page content.

Symbols in the meta description are still rather the exception - this is precisely why it makes sense to use this means to draw attention to your own website.

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