What Is a Hedge Witch?

Philipp Schaetz

September 16, 2020

A hedge witch is a kind of folk witch, and it’s a term that encompasses a wide variety of practices. Many hedge witches are solitary practitioners who have no formal training, while others are part of covens or groups. Traditionally, a hedge witch is someone who has learned about their craft through apprenticeship, or by reading about it and working with it on their own. Many of these witches are interested in creating magic for themselves and for their families, rather than for others.

Hedge witches don’t use formal Wiccan rituals, but they do tend to follow traditional Wiccan magical ethics. That’s because many hedge witches come from Wiccan backgrounds, but were unable to find a local group to join. Some hedge witches have been formally trained, but they don’t practice the same kind of magic that priests and priestesses do. In fact, many Wiccans would consider their practices to be something closer to magic than religion.

While the term “hedge witch” originally referred to someone who used herbs and plants in their magic, that’s not really the case anymore. Today, the term is a catch-all phrase that encompasses any kind of spellcrafting that doesn’t fit under the Wiccan label. Hedge witches can use herbs, or they can use tarot cards and crystals, or they can even cast spells using astrology. They can work magic with a coven or with a group, or they can practice on their own. They can do magic for themselves, or they can use their magic to help others.

Where Did the Term “Hedge Witch” Come From?

The term “hedge witch” has been in use since the Middle Ages, and it originally referred to someone who practiced magic to protect their crops. These early hedge witches protected their crops from pests and from disease, and they did this by creating spells and charms that would repel harmful creatures and prevent things from going wrong. They also used these spells to make sure that the crops grew well and yielded a good harvest.

Over time, the term “hedge witch” came to be used for anyone who practiced magic. By the 19th century, the term had been adopted by some Wiccans, and it was used to refer to a person who was unable to join a coven. Eventually, the term was used more broadly to refer to anyone who practiced folk magic, whether or not they were part of a larger group.

What Do Hedge Witches Believe?

While many hedge witches were trained in Wicca, they don’t necessarily believe the same things that Wiccans do. In fact, some hedge witches are atheists, while others subscribe to a range of different faiths. Many hedge witches use traditional Wiccan rituals and believe in Wiccan deities, but others don’t believe in Wiccan gods at all.

Hedge witches aren’t organized, so they don’t have leaders or central organizations. They do tend to follow certain traditions, but it’s hard to say for sure how widespread these traditions are. While some hedge witches work mostly on their own, others like to join groups and work as part of an organization.

What Do Hedge Witches Do?

Hedge witches don’t have a lot of rules or rituals, so it’s hard to say for sure what they do. In general, it’s fair to say that hedge witches use their magic to help themselves and their families. Many hedge witches are interested in doing magic for people who are sick or in danger, or for people who are having trouble with their relationships or their finances. However, hedge witches tend to be very focused on their own needs, and they don’t tend to do magic for people who aren’t part of their family or part of their group.

How Do You Become a Hedge Witch?

Hedge witches tend to learn their craft on their own, and they aren’t part of a formal group. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to be a hedge witch. If you want to become a hedge witch, you should start by reading about the subject. You can learn a lot about being a hedge witch by reading books and websites that describe the subject.

Another great way to learn is by finding a mentor. Many hedge witches will be happy to teach you their craft, and if you’re lucky, they might even be willing to pass on their knowledge to you.

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